Multiple Incident Retrieval System (MIRS)

MIRS911-cell-phoneIP-based media transfer
MIRS (Multimedia Incident Retrieval System) was developed by NexGen Global Technologies to expand the communication capabili-ties between emergency call centers, dis-patchers, emergency responders and the public.

Many emergency call centers do not have the infrastructure to handle incoming media from cell phones or other mobile devices, leaving a tremendous gap in the ability of people at the scene of a crime or emergency to send non-voice data to emergency call centers.

MIRS bridges this communications gap, al-lowing people to send text, photos and video directly to the emergency call center, where these can be instantly forwarded to those who need to see it most, first responders such as law enforcement, fire, rescue, and security personnel.

MIRS It is simple to set up, easy to use and it can be adapted to meet specific communications requirements of different agencies.

How NexGen works

  1. An individual sees something — a break in, suspicious person, possible kidnapping, and they take a video or photo with their cell phone.
  2. They call 9-1-1 to report it, and the operator is told a picture is taken of the event.
  3. The call taker or operator activates MIR — Multimedia Incident Retrieval, which sends a text message to the cell phone. They don’t have to inquire what kind of phone or carrier — it works with all phones and carriers.
  4. The text message gives instructions to attach the image — the caller is still also on the phone line.
  5. The operator receives the image or video and accesses the NexGen Web application through an Internet browser.
  6. The operator then disseminates the image or video to emergency responders.

The whole technology is cloud based, utilizing user-friendly and fast Web applications, so all 9-1-1 call and communication centers need to have to implement NexGen Solutions is a good Internet connection.

Easy to Use
MIRS is a complete turnkey solution that can be implemented within 30 days. Once trained, your own Administrators can man-age users by assigning Organizational User and Administrator rights. Users have the ability to quickly change their passwords. Communications center personnel can manage

NexGen’s technology is scalable and can meet the needs of any size department or agency, whether you are in a major metropolitan area or a rural farming community.

Global Communication
Send, receive, forward and retrieve photos, video and text locally, nationally and worldwide.

Our applications are accessible via a simple web browser and secured behind a firewall which meets high-grade encryption standards. The network is guarded around the clock against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, malicious applets and viruses and our “Advanced Technologies” monitor our application, system, processes and devices 24/7.

About NexGen Products

  • Real time two-way multimedia exchange between any mobile phones and Emergency Call Centers
  • Cloud based system requires no IP address or installation of hardware or software by any user
  • NexGen Alerts for terrorism acts, crimes, accidents, Amber, Silver, Predator, Severe Weather and SAVIN
  • Public can register to receive NexGen Alerts
  • Ideal communication platform for the deaf, speech/hearing impaired and noise prohibitive situations
  • Seamless, secure environment monitored 24/7 against DoS attacks, viruses and malicious applets
  • Scalable to meet the needs of any size department or agency, locally, statewide and nationally
  • Cost effective, immediate solution to expensive, time consuming national infrastructure overhaul

Available Services
Installation and Setup
Technical Support
Customization and Upgrades

System Requirements
Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000 OR Mac
600 Mhz or faster processor and 100 MB of free hard drive space

Have any questions about NexGen or our products? Please contact us, and we will be happy to answer them.

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