MIRS 911 in action

Union County, NC, recently adopted MIRS 911 as a pilot program for its Emergency Call Center, Public Service Access Point and responders. The program was announced to the public December 4, 2013, as a pilot project. The cloud-based system was introduced to county leaders and law enforcement to universal positive response.

According to a story from NBC News: “It just gives us another tool, another anything to help us. I don’t see a down side,” said Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey.

In addition, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind was awarded a National Safety Award by the Department of Justice after NexGen donated their system to the schools.

You can see full coverage of the press conference, plus a live demonstration of how the MIRS communication system works in this story from NBC and this one from CBS.
See Union County demonstrate exactly how NexGen’s MIRS 911 System works, from the initial call to the sharing the uploaded information with law enforcement:

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