How MIRS Works

MIRS can disseminate photos, video and text to Law Enforcement, First Responder, Security Personnel within minutes.

Sending Multimedia Messages to 9-1-1

Step 1:
9-1-1 Call Taker/Dispatcher determines the cell caller has an image, video and/or text of an incident

Step 2:
9-1-1 Call Taker/Dispatcher initiates M.I.R. (Multimedia Incident Retrieval), sending a message to the 9-1-1 caller’s cell phone

Step 3:
9-1-1 caller attaches a photo, video and keys in any associated text to M.I.R. message then clicks send

Step 4:
9-1-1 Call Taker/Dispatcher receives photo, video and any associated text, immediately forwarding it to Law Enforcement/First Responders

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