Frequently Asked Questions

nexgen-satelliteQ. Can these technologies be implemented in other countries?
A. Yes. We have global capabilities and are currently servicing international clients.

Q. Do you have any experience developing APIs?
A. Yes, all of our projects are architected with an API layer.

Q. Do you have security standards and policies?
A. Yes, we can provide security and compliance details regarding network security, secure software practices and other safeguards.

Q. Is your infrastructure secure?
A. Yes, we take all the necessary precautions and and utilize the latest industry best practices to protect the network and network-accessible resources from unauthorized access and continually monitor network security.

Q. Do you practice code reviews? If yes, how frequent is that?
A. Yes, peer reviews are part of our development process. Any code developed is verified and approved prior to its release for testing.

Q. What is the standard practice you follow for code comments?
A. We comment only when it is required to explain functionality. Correctly named methods and variables create code that is self-commenting.

Q. Do you provide end-user documentation?
A. Yes, we provide end-user documentation as necessary.

Q. Do you use a version control repository?
A. Yes, we currenly use Git/Github. In the past we have used TFS and SVN.

Q. What development methodologies do you use?
A. We have used many methodologies – from waterfall to agile, but typically follow an iterative approach – an approach between waterfall and agile – relying on a foundation of clear requirements followed by defined and manageable multiple deployments until the entire feature set has been released. This gets a product out quickly with less defects.


Q. How do I sign up to be a subscriber and what does it cost?
A. To register, fill out the NexGen registration form and click submit. There is no cost to become a subscriber. However, your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to send and/or receive messages on your mobile phone.

Q. How safe is the data?
A. The data is retained behind an encrypted firewall and can be retrieved for reporting or legal purposes.

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