911 Comparison

Current 911 centers and Public Service Answering Points lack the ability to:

  • Receive, manage and disseminate incident related photos, video & text from/to cell phones
  • Send photos, videos & text to personnel
  • Explain to callers who have a photo/video/text related to an incident that they cannot send them to 911
  • Communicate if coverage is disrupted

NexGen’s MIRS System already has those capabilities and has proven the work in the field
Nationwide, it is anticipated that the proposed NG 911 can:

  • Take a decade to complete the framework
  • Cost billions of dollars

In contrast, NexGen’s MIRS 911 System:

  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Can be setup quickly and cost effectively
  • Offers both immediate and long range solution
  • Bridges 911 Communications Gap
  • Can be placed into each PSAP (Public Service Answering Point)
  • Allows for interconnectivity
  • Will permit equal level of service to the community
  • IP standard compatible


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